Our Vision

The vision of IRON is to bridge relationships that ignite positive impact on communities.


Initiating Relationships to Organize New Beginnings (IRON) exists to to provide resources for recently relocating African-American young professionals, that support navigating from surviving to thriving in their personal and professional lives.

IRON has spent years exploring the experiences of transient young professionals that move from all over the country to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. One thing that many of the young professionals have in common is figuring out how to get plugged into this growing area and how to navigate and advance in their careers.

At IRON, it is our desire to focus on building meaningful partnerships that help young professionals accelerate their growth. Our team of young professionals and board members work to create innovative programs that meet individuals at various stages of their personal and professional development.

By participating in IRON, professionals are given the opportunity to engage with some of the most driven and talented professionals in Dallas. We are excited about the work we are doing and look forward to you joining us soon in building the best workforce in the country.


Adrian Killebrew
Executive Director, IRON